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Hi everyone,

You'll find here slightly modified female meshes. Not a big deal... just to give female actors a (IMHO:blush:) nicer look. If @stanislas69 didn't suggested me strongly to post it, I would never have made public this personal modification.

In the game, the differences are quite unnoticeable:


Original meshes are on the right.

A better view in Atlas: (people offended by breast nudity shouldn't open this)



compare with original:


Just for fun, the archer on the right is an amazon, whose right boob have been cut as everyone knows. Of course you have to edit or create an actor to use it, because the game knows nothing of it.

You'll find the modified meshes used by the game in the first archive. If you don't already know where to put them, create the '../art/meshes/skeletal/new' folder in the 'mods/public' of your local folder.




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