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Monkey Wrench Balance Mod Alpha 22


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2 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

I can do it if you implement this like AoM.

i should have a look at AoM then.

would be also nice to have a fantasy mod where Gods Blessings would let you choose between elemental bonuses.  ( something like electrified javelins,  frozen spears,  fire blades). :P

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This is mainly a lightweight balance mod and it didn't intend to add much more content if not some technology that may open the way for more strategies.

Anyway I would be ok with gathering interested people and make something fantasy or just more-content-driven mod and use monkey wrench as starting poimt.

I still think that it would be a real nice addition to Regicide mode in order to let players choose a hero instead of randomize one if they want to. This is a relevant choice thus deserves some fancy UI.

On the other hand, there would be several issues with units choice:

Actually there aren't enough choices between units or technologies, thus having that UI invasion isn't worth it. The specialization idea would resolve it by giving fancy looking banners whenever the proper tech is clicked showing the portrait of the replacing unit. ( i am still thinking about its implementation as long as my coding skills are still low.I am still learning :P )

The banner list should be showed up when the player clicks the relative technology and before that the research starts in order to have cognition of what's going on. ( perhaps @stanislas69 may tell us if this is actually possible).

The main concern is that this "specialization" could break the historical accuracy in favor of visual fancy changes ( which should be done aswell... sadly i am not a modeler ). I am for the gameplay more than historical accuracy, but I am sure that most of people here would disagree ( that's why the proposal for a fantasy mod project ).

Sadly i guess that's not possible to replace units or buildings and refresh the production queue in order to remove the ugly "gray icons" for units and buildings which are supposed to train different units without getting their production queue full.

The main issue is that I want to avoid to have an ugly looking selection panel where there are many "gray icons" because not trainable, thus i was considering something near the promotion system. perhaps @wraitii ability component would come in handy with this kind of feature.





Basically, with a promotion-like system i wonder if it would be even possible to have a Mankind evolution where there isn't any civ to choices, but the player can choose during the game  the faction they want to evolve in by replacing at every phase up their villagers into the target civ citizen, depending on the technology the choose from the relative banner.

Let's say a Prehistoric civ that can evolve in different civ. Starting by hunting animals then research basic technologies like axes for gathering wood and grainfields to produce food.

Like:   evolve into Celtic   ->     choose   Britons  or  Gauls

                                   Hellenics -> Athenian, Sparta, Macedonians

                                 Successors -> Macedonian, Seleucids

etc.   but that's just a mere idea.



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