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Ingame look of emblem:  

this is how the nomads are going by now

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Yo hice dos similares de color bronce, solo seria hacerlos pequeños para cargarlos en el hombro,  no obstante estaba probando lo que mencionabas de atacar la caballería con ambas manos y necesita unas correcciones de tiempo en la animación. 




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The boss shield is the only things out of place... isn't that European?




12 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

Done the animation. i make the norm and spec of the bronze shield later.


Remember you can have lancer vs lancer...

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i've made the animations attacks a little up compared to the vanilla game around the same angle of a infantry head/chest and horse head or chest,  if the game could have attack_cavalry variations i guess i could make them more like an attack right to the rider.




About the shield, wich one needs to be polished/removed/fixed?

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The Xiongnu, a nomadic steppe confederation (some credited them as the ancestors of the Huns, though there are sources from China that marked them as having red hair and blonde hair, as well as "prismatic" eyes- most likely they were both, either a caucasian Indo European central tribe overlording a mongoloid sets of vassals, or more likely an mongoloid host ruling many native Indo- European city states in the Tarim Basin called the Tocharians.)

The Xiongnu frequently led incursions to the Han frontier and had considerable political influence over the border regions. In response, The first Han Emperor- Liu Bang led a Han army against the Xiongnu in 200 BC, pursuing them as far as present-day Datong, Shanxi before being ambushed by the Xiongnu chief Modu Chanyu's cavalry. His encampment was encircled by the Xiongnu, but Liu Bang escaped- though only barely. After realizing that a military solution was not feasible for the time being, Liu Bang negotiated a peace with Modu Chanyu. In 198 BC, a marriage alliance was concluded between the Han and the Xiongnu, and forced the Han to submit as a de facto inferior partner, despite this humiliation, the Xiongnu violated the terms and continued their raids on the Han borders.




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The policy of "Heqin"~ or peace through marriage, where the Emperor would send the nomads one of the imperial households's cadet family's princesses to placate these barbarians proved to be extremely unpopular with the Han nobles, who regarded it not only as a feckless disgrace combining the worst elements or kidnapping and rape but also inovked the implication that such marriages effectively made the Xiongnu Chief the Emperor's equal through such relation.

To counter such monstrous and ceaseless threats, mobility and deployment became paramount. In 169 BC, the Han general-minister Chao Cuo (pronounced "Tsao Tsor") was one of the first known ministers to suggest to Emperor Wen that Han armies should have a cavalry-centric army to counter the nomadic Xiongnu to the north, since Han armies were still primarily infantry with cavalries and chariots playing a supporting role.

Chao also advocated a permanent system of frontier defense and the importance of agriculture. Chao characterized the Xiongnu as people whose livelihood did not depend on permanent settlement and were always migrating. As such, he wrote, the Xiongnu could observe the Han frontier and attack when there were too few troops stationed in a certain region. He noted that if troops are mobilized in support, then few troops will be insufficient to defeat the Xiongnu, while many troops will arrive too late as the Xiongnu will have retreated by then. He noted that keeping the Xiongnu mobilized will be at a great expense, while they will just raid another time after dispersing them. To negate these difficulties, Chao Cuo elaborated a proposal, which in essence suggested that military-agricultural settlements with permanent residents should be established to secure the frontier and that surrendered tribes should serve along the frontier against the Xiongnu.

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