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Hellenizing the Ptolemies

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Perhaps I should separate the house actors, that yellow roof doesn't mix too nice with the Seleucid tile roof. A bit big for 5 pop houses too. Im thinking adding hellenized buildings, maybe just

here's with the desaturated kushite set

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16 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

Also can you replace the free-standing tower with the one you created for the walls? Maybe just a bit bigger, and then attach Greek shields on the four sides, instead of the old fantasy-model. (see also cloth arrangement of free-standing ptolemaic tower in fresco above)

he just started and change some texturre... this isn't final state.

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6 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

You can see how happy I am already that this thread is active. It is like a young dog that can see the goodie being dangled in front of him and can't help it :D 

yes the anxiety is overwhelming here but focus in other themes related with your skills or more deep references. is the only way.

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@LordGood Ok, I found one little thing to nitpick :P 

Your entrances are all a little offset from the center, either to the right or to the left. This is perfectly fine! But the decals have a pathway leading into the center of the front walls. Simply adjusting the decal to become 2 different decals with a pathway either on the left or on the right would be all it takes to fix (I don't know about template stuff though). 

Is it possible to retexture the houses with the Kushite texture pack to create Kushite variants? Then we'd have some minimal architectural overlap between the two civs (like with the Greek civs).

Then you can add the Hellenized house variants you made earlier for the Ptolemies to the Ptolemaic roster as well. Then Ptolemies would be using 4 "Egyptian" style house variants in addition to 4 "Greek" style variants, and the Kushites would be using 4 "Egyptian" style variants in addition to 4 "Nubian" style variants. It would be the most historically accurate, visually interesting, and highlight some of the commonalities between the two Nile Valley Civs, while still maintaining their uniqueness. 

Again, lovely work! I'll be playing a lot more Ptolemies in the future :) 

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So, I'm making a map set in Egypt that is really eye candy-heavy. I'm trying to make it nice and rich with Egyptian and Ptolemaic flavor. I've done things like this with current assets:

Entrance/Facade for a pyramid




A large religious complex




Temples and other stuff up atop plateaus and in the sides of cliffs.







Every player starts with a free Cult Statue (for a trickle of glory resource) on a nearby outcrop




And each player starts with a free Egyptian Kiosk (you should add this to the core game) and Priest 




So, I'm trying to put something nice here, but I'd like it to be something new. It would be cool to have another Ptolemaic Egyptian structure there (in place of the Temple of Vesta:




Thinking a shrine, something looking like these references (I really like the first one):


The template can go into the game as ptol_shrine. Maybe a small healing radius and no healer training and techs. 

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4 hours ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

@wowgetoffyourcellphone @LordGood
these colonnades on top of the hill, make them extendable by removing acroterion left/right.

Nothing would be more awesomely Ptolemaic than endless colonnades, seafront/nilefront!


(Also how did you manage to remove the "pots/plants" in front of the right colonnade?)



Actually the game has freestanding collonades already, for the Seleucids but they don't have to be used strictly for them. But I think you want an endless row of roofed portico too, which would be nice. Just need left and right ends too.

The stoa on the right might already be in the game in actor form, but if not it can easily be taken from Delenda Est.

It would be nice if the Aphrodite statue got some love. It pretty much looks half finished. 

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@Anaxandridas ho Skandiates I'm afraid the statue won't be ready any time soon :(. About a month ago, part of my PC files were accidentally deleted, including the ones corresponding to The Great Bronze Athena. Unfortunately I didn't have my files backed up. I had invested a lot of time and effort on this statue, but now it's gone. At this point I'm not sure whether I should start again or just resign. I'm sorry.

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1 hour ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

How much stuff from this "Delenda est" mod can you just "import" directly into the next alpha? And if "Delenda Est" looks so much better as screenshots recently attested, why are those tweaks not simply incorporated into the next alpha as standard, so all can enjoy it?

The only assets he's using here that aren't in the vanilla distribution are his cult statues?


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