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Empires mobile an new rts with AoE/0AD aesthetic

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Tangling with a classic reboot head to head is a plan to fail, I think you are taking the right steps is running somewhat parallel, even on mobile. AoE DE is pigeonholing itself in windows 10. You can

Is an rts very familiar. Welcome @ray_ark don't be shy. We love rts and we aren't a company or corporation.

We're planning to differ from AoE and taking more Empire Earth and Total War Elements to the game, such as unit squad like in Total War,  Teritory system like in Empire Earth, ans more.   It

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@Lion.Kanzen Thanks for the warm welcome ! It was trying to mimic 0 AD in Bronze Age for mobile, but then, because we wanted large scale battle on mobile without sacrificing performance, we decided to use Rise of Nations Techniques of faking the 3D models and using 3D meshes for the units


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@Lion.Kanzen after going through a year of design instability ( Stylized, then cartoonish, then Flat styled ) we're settled on realistic Sprite Based artstyle, like AoE2

we're temporarily using 0 AD Textures for the terrain that is currently available in opengameart.com , is that okay ?

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2 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

No problem if you need help we are happy to help and knot about  new indies studios.

Thanks ! if anyone here is interested in modelling character units or add a civilization buillding sets you are very very welcome :) 

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