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AI walled himself in

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I had an AI opponent that walled off an area with barracks and houses but in the process trapped itself. Due to the terrain where the wooden wall was made up of short zig zags that were all too short for a gate. It had a huge army but they could not participate in the battle until I used a ram on the palisade wall. Then I got owned by the avalanche of angry units. I won in the end. It was clear that the AI could not detect that it was trapped and delete the wall. 
A sally port might be a solution. A port one wooden wall unit wide with limited unit rate. 

If this is a duplicate move it appropriately. I found nothing in a search but then I may have had the wrong terms.

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I think this type of problem also lends it's hand in naval situations, where the AI fails to recognize "choke points" and decides to trade/merchant to paths that can't be completed or gets itself stuck in shallow waters and the ships just build up.  I think a short term fix would be to just kill off the units that can't reach their targets after a given time and long term would be to reconfigure their pathfinding (if possible). 

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