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How could I create a menu item "tutorial" then make it start a specific scenario?

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What I mean is that the tutorials are found when you click "Single Player" and then choose from "Demo Maps". I read another post somewhere, suggesting that the tutorials should be found under "Learn To Play" - then tutorials are found first. I want to know what files to work on, and what knowledge is required to do this.

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If i recall correctly, there are no tutorials yet, that's why the Learn To Play is disabled. 

You may try the triggers http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Triggers and working/playing with atlas to start making a tutorial map. If i'm not wrong there a few posts related to that subject, but i guess there is still not an "official post" giving a guidance for how the tutorial maps should work or should be done.

In my opinion, you should go for that first, settling the basis.

But to answer your question, it is mostly working on the GUI and i guess it is C++ code, but still:


settling the basis.


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49 minutes ago, Loki1950 said:

The GUI elements are all done with Javascript that reference primitive functions written in C++.

Ya and if I search for a function, then gawk (find) is a good tool in Linux right? Is that what you guys use? If someone has a quick example please share :)

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I usually use grep to find things if I can't use an IDE. I recommend that you look around for a good IDE though, they make navigating code bases so much easier.

For C++, I use QTCreator. It's an IDE that doesn't use much system resources. It has become quite unstable for me with the upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 though, so you might try another IDE instead if you should have the same problem on your machine.

I don't know any IDEs for JavaScript.

As a general editor, I like Geany.

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darnit I'm an idiot - I've used Linux for 10 years and never knew how to grep files. I thought you're meant to use the 'find' command to find text in files (I believe that 'find' runs 'gawk' or 'awk'). I never knew grep was so useful!




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