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[Neutral buildings] Slave camp Market


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 The concept  was mentioned before. A Neutral building is non-buildable structure and don't  the architecture influence by any faction, isn't relative to any, is only a usable building if is captured by a player.

in this new building you can train eyecandy units.

  • slaves from all cultures. Men and women. This will be cheap than current villager.
  • wild animal (tamed) to use as pet or to fight, like tigers, lions, elephant workers, war dogs.





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  • Sell slaves
  • sell exotic animals ( like Tamed Lions, or other kind dangerous pet.)
  • sell  war dogs
  • exclusive technology.
  • you can sell your citizen soldiers
  • sell tamed wild animal ( elephant for Mauryan and Ptolemies)

type of Slaves.

  • Kushite Slave (more hp than regular slave and resistant even can upgrade to bodyguard or gladiator)
  • women slave(multiethnic) 
  • German slave (bodyguard or gladiator)
  • german/Briton woman  ( gladiatress or Maiden guard)



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