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[Scenario] Siege of Greece


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This map is already playable, 1 vs 2. Athens vs Persians. It's a normal size map, tried no to add to much eyecandy stuff.


There is still something left, as the background, some advices and additions on units and buildings, making some walls untargetable, plus more stuff. Units can walk on 'walls' (But those are just elevated terrain with walls in both sides, but they work!). As soon as i finished the entire 'agenda' of the map i will make the respective post.

Units on 'walls'



For now, if someone wants to give any advice, opinion, wants to play it or erase it, just leave a comment. Im not good at balancing

The map






As for the name of the map, i gladly receive suggestions. 


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2 hours ago, sphyrth said:

I'd name it Thermopylae simply for the factions. The problem is that I don't even know what the true historical map of Thermopylae looked like.

Edit: scratch that. I actually meant Marathon. X-P

Well, neither the city or the map are based in some historical siege :P, but it may work Marathon or any other greek city for an hypothetically scenario

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