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Romans military image references

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Not accurate but interesting. Celtic elements with roman







This is a custom set of armour made for LARP. The piece is, in terms of the design, a cross between a leather lorica segmentata and a lorica hamata (the skirting and top shoulder "pad" being from the hamata in particular).

Made from 3.5mm thick leather in the main body, 2mm for the skirting. Trim is 1.5mm thick suede. The shoulders bear a carved dragon motif. It's a whole set of armour that goes with the red dragon bracers and the red dragon greaves.



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53 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

need a variation with brown stuff like the cape, the armor is chainmail in the picture can be nice add a scale armor (scamata) and dark(black) but very  elegant crest.

the face and other stuff look lika an Evocatus, fierce, rude.

Concerning the color of Roman uniforms in general...



Both red and white (or rather, cream or 'off-white') tunics are attested. In the past, historians have tried to develop all kinds of schemes to explain these two colors. One theory is that centurions wore red, while "enlisted men" wore white - but various depictions of centurions in white and legionaries in red have disproved that. Another theory is that soldiers of all ranks wore red when they were actively campaigning, and white in times of peace, though I believe it has been discredited as well.

Though Roman soldiers were trained and equipped in effectively the same manner, the Roman army did not understand "uniformity" in the way a modern military force does. The significance of red tunics compared to white may be nonexistent, or it may have varied depending on the time, place, and the unit in question. White tunics with clavi were certainly the norm, seemingly for everybody, in the 3rd Century.

Soldiers dressed in pure white for triumphal parades; men thus attired were called candidati. This was probably the Roman equivalent to a "dress uniform", and in the case of a guard unit, would likely be worn underneath some kind of garish Hellenistic armor.

Like the Spartans before them and the British after them, some have theorized that the Romans deliberately wore red on the eve of battle so the enemy wouldn't be able to tell if they were weakened by injuries. This should be regarded as a romantic myth.


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29 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

Still working on those. :D Working at a slower pace at the moment, school has just resumed.


3 hours ago, wackyserious said:

I have already began working on the Republican Romans, some months ago.


But romans Consuls(Heroes) all they are the  same.

I can make a portrait, because they aren't accurate at all.


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