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Far over the misty ponds cold...






There is a small chance that this map can be playable :P, guess it would have to be 7vs1, nah, just kidding, 3vs1 would be okay. What would be most possible its to use the cinematics, i hope i can.

Im running out of ideas in this map, don't know if to make more larger the city or just fill it with fauna/flora. If someone wants to give me an idea, i'll glady accept it.

The city and the docks needs details.

Enjoy it 

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29 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

Maaan, where do you get all those ideas ? ^^

Magic mushrooms, weed, wisky? Nah, i don't know, i think is mostly from games, AOM, Skyrim, Fallout, Battle for the middle earth, Total war. From movies and books too, also a little bit of the historical accuracy twisted with fantasy stuff plus the idea of doing an inmersive environment.

I like a lot strategy games, specially where you have to do a siege, but most of those maps left details away, i know most of the details go unseen while playing, but it could give a really nice touch to the game.

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