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First of all, many thanks for this very cool computer game. Me and my kids like it a lot :)

We are ourselves systematically hitting that exact same assertion failure when running the Ulysse version on a recent Ubuntu but with a slightly old laptop (I suppose six year old or so). I also saw someone mentioning a vertical scrolling issue if hitting "continue" and try to play. I see the same too (the window is not totally full screen and it looks related to that).

I understand reading the thread that you guys (developers) are not in a situation to reproduce the bug and didn't get enough information to figure out what is happening. You seemed to need someone to reproduce the issue with a debug image?

If this is still the case, I'd be happy to do it. I know this well. If you guys could just confirm so that I'd not do it for nothing, then I'll do.

Let me know. Thanks.

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Hello, I hit this assertion you reported too and I found another thread where people are discussing it. I added a copy of a gdb session I ran with a recent version of the code (it shows logicalPerPackage is 109 and indeed doesn't pass the assertion since maxCoresPerPackage is 2). Perhaps you'll like to monitor that other thread too.

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