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This map, it is supposed to be a rough representation of the siege of paris, in 845 led by the vikings, led by a Norse chieftain named "Ragnar". (It does not follow all the history). Vikings had a fleet of 120 ships, 5,000 men, they went trough the Seine, arrived to paris, entered and plundered it. A plague broke out in their camps, but the franks did not have a good effective defense against their besiegers, they paid them 7,000 french livres and the viking invasion was over. (If i made a mistake, please, correct me).




For the showcase of this map, i wanted to do something different, trying to make it more interesting and vivid. (I'm not good with words/writing/speaking, but i will try). again, It does not follow all the history. So i tried to write a history. 

And so, it begins.

A dark and infamous day inside the walls, after the first brutal assault, the morale was getting low as the soldiers and the people who had a house/family in the other side of the city, was practically in ruins and dead, few survived the massacre and. The king didn't send all the troops as there were reports of a big fleet of warships coming down through the Seine and after seeing how two drekar warships smashed and shattered one side of the wall of the exterior city, he didn't want to take a chance against them.

The fear started to instaurate in every living human inside the inner city, when they heard the wips of trebuchets, the sound of flaming arrows and rocks flying, hitting and putting down everything they reach. But that, wasn't all, the screamings, the clash of steel, the burning brothers, the call for battle, the hunger for blood led by the invasor. 






The franks had an advantage, a big gate holding the pass to Paris. The soldiers made a barricade to hold the attack till the survivors reached Paris and prepare for battle.



Inside the city, everyone was getting ready to battle, there were a call for arms to every male who can fight, to defend and avenge. Some had the orders to evacuate females or to build barricades in the main gate.



Do you see that? 4 elite soldiers recruiting!!!!



Some of the new recruits were send to the nearest armory to get armor and weapons.



Some of them, asked: Is this a shield? or is it a nutz protector?


All the city was practically running to get defenses and preparing for the next attack. Some by recruiting, some by getting to the armory, some by carrying food to the walls..



She: Oh honey, do you promise it?

He: Of course my love, i promise you to get those teeths you wanted, there is a lot of invaders out of there, i had to get at least one teeth.



Those who couldn't fight, were waiving and cheering those who will die for them, lovers, mistresses, wifes, daughters were crying for the men. For those who will use their bare body as a shield to protect them against all evil. For those who will stand against the invasor.



Pray the godss!!! Pray for us!! - Said the captain.



The big walls of Paris had a tiny line, not strong enough to resist a ship. So, they ordered to build barricades and fortify that position, as there is the mayor weak spot.



Do you see a pony? If you ask me, i will tell you it is a boost morale statue. As ponies represent freedom, courage and valor(?)


Paris, in its mayor crowded and paranoid splendor.



You may ask? What about the ruined city? What about the threat?


What threat? Thats funky bull shrimp, there is no threat, only a cloudy day.



- Soon -



If you enjoyed the last 60 screenshots, perhaps you want to see more and don't get any spoliers, but sorry, i have to show this for everyone who said the magic words: "Where can i download it, i want to play it". I'm truly sorry, i would like to play it too, but it's very laggy even in the map editor without running it and it's not finished yet.





Where is waldo? I bet you know that already! 



IT'S FINISHED!!! It is a shame it throws an OutOfMemory Error :P.

I couldn't take the too many screenshots, it was truly laggy and crashed every time. Hope you enjoy :)



Aerial view, dissapointing view, the shame view.



 Feedback, suggestions, corrections are welcome, even if you want to write a text for an image, do it! Let it out! Just send the text and the image for inbox. (If you do, preserve the context please)

And many thanks for all the artist of the game, i encorauge you to make more artist stuff: Props, objects, dead npc's (Not the animation), whatever you want, as someone like me, may use it. Really, it's not enough and i don't have the time neither the skill to do it myself.

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On 21/11/2016 at 6:08 AM, fabio said:


If you have some time you may want to da a video about it with in-game cutscenes:



I will give it a try as soon i have finished the map :)


On 21/11/2016 at 7:17 AM, niektb said:

I simply don't wanna know how much it took to position all those units :blink:

8h or more :P

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@fabio i must be honest with you, i won't try the cinematics in this map. It's imposible to make it, in atlas crashes and it's not running!! cinematics need the map running/playing :P Would love too, but i can't make my way through the out of memory errors reported by opengl, also by the overall lag in each section of the map.

Truly sorry :unsure:


Captura.JPGSin título.png


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