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Other Greek members?

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I want to know if there are other fellow Greek members of the community because I want to ask something about a technical term (I don't do well with this kind of stuff yet) that I do not understand and I have to review a string on transifex, but I don't know what a "Stream error" is, let alone how it would be in Greek. If anyone can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it. :)

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I don't know Greek, but I can give you some information about the string, as you can see in the 'occurrences' field on Transifex, it comes from XmppClient, so the 'Stream' here refers to XMPP XML Stream which matches a typical meaning of stream in computing ('a sequence of data elements made available over time'). Hopefully this should help to find the proper Greek term :)

Also I see that for Russian translation (a language I understand :)), @vladislavbelov used a more generic term 'connection' ('соединение' on Russian), which may be a good idea when a more direct translation sounds less understandable.

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