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[Alpha 21] Naked Fanatic Rush (Gauls) - 1v1

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Player 1 Strategy: Devote your economy early game to town phase relatively quickly and build a Tavern to train Naked Fanatics in small numbers. Attack the enemy base early with Fanatics with or without supporting Citizen Soldiers, raiding vulnerable targets.

Player 2 Strategy: Given that Player 1 will employ the Naked Fanatic rush, build your base and train units and attempt to make the decision to train Fanatics a penalty to Player 1's economy (each Fanatic trained could have been a citizen soldier that can gather).

Please post your replays here. :)

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Two replays where Vercingetorix used naked fanatic rush to kill about every unit of mine. The replay shows how to attack players who didn't anticipate the rush naked_fanatic_rush_4v4.zip.

Since I've seen many of the better players struggling with that unit, the one rushing everyone with that (@Vercingetorix) who is arguing that the rush can be defended, should upload a replay showing that (there was one 1v1 with borg where it was defended if I recall correctly).

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