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AI and Champions


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25 minutes ago, Palaiogos said:

How long will it take them? I put the computer on and played and tried to out-boom them for 1 hour. I was playing as Arche Seleukeia and I had a massive army of cataphracts and I was playing against Carthage. I didn't see their champions.

You must try with other faction for example Iberians?

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On October 2, 2016 at 3:06 PM, LordGood said:

Played a 2 hour game as ptolemies against the Seleucids. Took them nearly all that time to start using traditional champs against me. Traditional army seems to be a particularly good counter to the ptolemies, actually, it made me think they need more champions. 

Wait it takes x>2 hours? No wonder I don't see them. I usually end the game by winning on the 1 hour 30 mark. 

Edit: SeleucidKing, why do you want to change the champions system for Seleucids? Do you want both Traditional and Reformed Armies at the same time? If that's the case then maybe Macedonia should get cataphracts, if I recall Thessalian cavalry was also very well armored.

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23 hours ago, Palaiogos said:

Edit: SeleucidKing, why do you want to change the champions system for Seleucids?

No, the community decided to keep it, but my idea was to make at least the infantry act in a similar way to the Macedonian upgrade from Hypaspist to SS, to more accurately replicate history, but that belongs on a different topic.  But nothing being changed, so. :)

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The AIs produce more champs on phase 3 with more merchants. I played 1v2 very hard(Carthage and Macedonia vs me Athenian) and their massive armies and champs keep on coming. The AI forward build some offensive towers and forts too. As long as you allow them to trade their champ units will keep on coming. But you have to encite them to go to where your bulk of forces are so that massive battles can occur. Easy to defend with more healers. 

I try to choose enemies that produce only range siege because they can move better that get stuck sometimes when they use Rams. I enjoy really!

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