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Mauryan palace and new mauryan units


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Hi! With the recent addition of new buildings for athenians, spartans, and persians, which also added new champion units, I wonder if you could make use of the mauryan palace building of the editor (maybe with some modifications), to add some units to mauryans. My idea would be to follow the steps of delenda est mod by adding the champion maiden archer, currently only available when you pick Chandragupta Maurya as a hero. As the lack of a good citizen infantry is compensated by two infantry champion units, I don't think adding any more would be wise, but a champion melee cavalry unit would be interesting in my opinion ( as the current one is not very good, though there is the excellent archer charriot, but it is a ranged unit)...What do you think about it?

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Well, I have very few historical sources to demonstrate this particular cavalry unit. However, Mauryans had very few heavy cavalry, that's why the idea of an elite, royal guard cavalry seems to be plausible: 



Basically, historians conclude that the use of heavy cavalry was extended during the Gupta's era, but do not exclude that it was used before, only in small numbers. Maybe you could put a limitation on the number of heavy cavalrymen.

As for the name of the cavalry, asvarohi is the good term for cavalry, sometimes the term "turanga asvarohi" is used...I have no certainty for the term "rajanya" though...What do you think about it? 

I think Mauryans need a new unit in the game, because persians now have access of elephants, and already have excellent cavalry, and th seleucids too. Not to mention that carthaginians, ptolemies, and seleucids have also unlimited access to elephants...

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