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Civ: Scythians


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5 hours ago, av93 said:

Sorry, I was talking when packing again (if you have to pay another time to unpack there's no problem)

I am making this up as I go. ;) But yes guy, I think once the building is packed then any "memory" of what it once was is forgot. So, to go back to CC or Market, takes time and resources. The key I think would be to make moving buildings around a key element of gameplay of Scythians (and other nomadic civs). I am not sure yet how to go about this but I am committed to experimenting and trying to make it so, as Picard would say.

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Big update to first post: 



version 1.0



Civic Center Units

  • Scythian Woman
    • Like the Spartan Woman, she fights back when attacked
    • Her inspiration aura is 2x stronger than other women
  • Slave
    • The Scythians were slavers and slave traders, and this made them rich
    • Good for gathering and dying
  • Small Wagon
    • Can "unpack" into Small class buildings
      • Yurt (+10 to pop cap)
      • Farmstead
      • Corral
      • Outpost -> Wooden Tower (at 'City' Phase)

Barracks Units

  • Saka Axeman
    • Sword Infantry
  • Scythian Archer (male and female actor variations)
    • Archer Infantry

Stables Units

  • Sarmatian Lancer
    • Spear Cavalry
    • Cataphract upgrade
  • Massagetae Sagaris Cavalry
    • Sword (Ax) Cavalry
  • Dahae Cavalry Archer
    • Archer Cavalry
  • Scythian Maiden Cavalry
    • Javelin Cavalry
  • King's Guard Cavalry
    • Champion Cavalry
    • Can upgrade to a strong anti-building attack (flames)
  • Tahm-Rayiš (Tomyris)
    • Hero Cavalry
    • Queen of the Massagetae, a powerful Eastern Scythian confederacy. Her army defeated Cyrus the Great and checked his expansionist ambitions.
  • Ateas (Ateas)
    • Hero Cavalry
    • United dozens of Western Scythian tribes to form a kind of "Scythian Empire" over his lifetime. Fought against and was killed by Philip II of Macedon.
  • Skilurus (Skilurus)
    • Hero Cavalry
    • King of the Crimean Scythians, whose capital was the Greco-Scythian city of Scythian Neapolis. Warred against Mithridates of Pontus.
    • Defensive abilities: unlocks Stone Fortress and Stone Walls as long as he lives


Mobile "buildings" and how they work

The Scythians start the match with 2 ranged infantry, 2 melee cavalry, 2 ranged cavalry, and 4 women. Instead of a "Civic Center" they start the match with 1 Large Wagon (drawn by 4 oxen) and 1 Small Wagon (drawn by 2 oxen).

  • Most structures/buildings pack and unpack into either Large or Small wagons, depending on their class.
    • Large Wagon
      • These wagons are built (like a building) by infantry and women
        • Cost: 100 food, 20 seconds, 2 pop
      • Is not a dropsite, and neither are any of the unpacked buildings
      • Can unpack into:
        • Civic Center
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 200 wood, 200 stone, 30 seconds
          • Territory influence is +50% larger than other civic centers, but has a lot less strength. Territory only serves to prevent enemies from building in their area, like Zerg Creep from Starcraft
          • Can "train" Small Wagons
        • Stables
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 100 food, 20 seconds
          • Trains all cavalry units
        • Barracks
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 100 wood, 20 seconds
          • Trains infantry units
        • Blacksmith
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 100 wood, 20 seconds
        • Market
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 100 food, 100 wood, 20 seconds
        • Temple
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 100 stone, 20 seconds
    • Small Wagon
      • These wagons are trained from the Civic Center
        • Cost: 50 food, 15 seconds
      • Is a dropsite for all resources when packed
      • Gives +5 pop cap per cart, like a house
      • Can unpack into:
        • Yurt (+10 to pop cap)
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 20 wood, 10 seconds
        • Farmstead
          • Pack/Unpack cost: 50 wood, 10 seconds
          • Food gathering improvements
        • Corral (many cavalry improvements and technologies)
        • Outpost -> Wooden Tower (at 'City' Phase) -> Stone Tower (at 'Empire' Phase if hero Skilurus is alive)


Wonder ("Royal Kurgan"), palisades, and docks are built like other civs.

Greek-style stone walls and stone fortresses can be built if the hero unit Skilurus is trained and as long as he lives.



Blacksmith pairs focus on soldier weapons and armor improvements vs. capturing improvements. Scythians were renowned for their metals work, so have tiered metalworking improvements.

Market pairs focus on international trade vs. homegrown economic improvements (typical storehouse improvements), also slavery improvements. 

"Great Migration" tech removes packing/unpacking cost (resources and time) and increases wagon speed +50% and health +100%, but removes territory effect from Civic Center (no more Zerg creep effect). 

"Great Settlement" tech remove Pack/Unpack ability and makes the Scythian buildings permanent and +100% health and reinstates territory influence and strength to all buildings.






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37 minutes ago, Loki1950 said:

Might make the movement enforceable ;) with real nomadic civs they have to move when there herds overgraze the grasslands they currently held so maybe a timer based on the grazers herd numbers per section of grassland held if that's not to complicated to set up.

Enjoy the Choice :)

Hmm, good idea. Maybe corrals, which are I hope to make integral to the Scythian economy, have a minimum distance between each other so that to grow the economy the Scythian player must keep building corrals outward and then must keep moving buildings to the newer areas to support/protect the corrals? And on top of that, the corrals have a lifespan (they eventually collapse), so once you move on to protect the new pasture lands the old pastureland (old corrals) fade away. Eh, just a preliminary idea.

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I'm thinking that would be better a cart for every building. Why I would move a building if I can make a new cart and settle more territory if cost the same? The only way I think it would be useful is to move without cost the buildings.

I won't make corrals decays. You know, I don't like micro. Maybe a minimum a great distance between corrals, and a medium distance between other buildings (except towers). Just imagine the space between as large territories where animals move at time, not a permanent space. 

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Scythians and Nabateans take more time to define 3D style, the Scythians needs programming and a heavy balance.

  • Scyhtians are pure mobile faction. Use carts and cattle to expand ( use a cart as storehouse and can pack the buildings)
  • Thracians are  the opposite to Carthage they are mercenary they request to their master units to defends their people from oppression ( like Asians dynasties) but have units similar to Iberian faster and brave.
  • Nabateans... May be some similar to AOE Sarracens type faction.
  • Nubians can be very similar to Ethiopians from AOE 2 even same art style.
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Scythian references by Evgeny Kray and Alexander Deruchenko:


Evgeny Kray: 




































Alexander Deruchenko






And finally this: Scythian horse fully equipped with reproductions of horse accoutrements found in ancient Scythian chief grave.




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31 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

I wonder what kind of inscription there would be.

I was going to say that I don't think Scythians were literate, but there were actually some inscriptions found in Scythian sites (some runic type writing, or related to Indian scripts...). Either way it doesn't seem to have been common. 


Here's a bunch of Scythian unit references, including queens, enjoy:





















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