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[Millennium A.D.] Ashmen 19 now available!


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The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!!


I think this is what you all have been waiting for! Millennium A.D.'s first release ever! :yahoo:

What is it?

Millennium A.D. is a total conversion mod for 0 A.D. focusing on the Middle Ages. It is divided in two parts, this first one is focusing on the first half of the Middle Ages; the timeframe of Charlemagne and the Viking Age. The name of this release is Ashmen. This is the word Norsemen were called after by the Germans because they used Ash wood for their boats.

What is new?

This is our first release so in a way everything is new, but compared to last development the unit textures from the Norse faction are completely reworked (by wackyserious). Also we have better and more house variants. On top of that we have a new storehouse building. (all modeled by Stanislas69) I tried to capture everything in one high-res screeenshot:


In the background on the right you see the new storehouse building. The two small buildings are two of the house variants. The units that you see are (nearly) all the new unit textures. Next to that we also added a Norse hero: Eiríkr hinn rauði (better known as Erik the Red):


Who are we?
The Council of Modders was formed up of two small modding teams and a few newcomers: Aristeia (about the bronze age) and Millennium A.D. (about medieval times) CoM aims to create a umbrella for all wannabee modders and help everyone needed and of course create their own projects.

How to:

1. Unzip the download but leave the inner archive intact.
2. Place the unzipped folder into <installationdirectory>/binaries/data/mods. You'll see another folder there called 'public'.

3. Launch the game and enable the mod in Options>Mod Selection. Press 'Start Mods'.
4. Enjoy the mod!





In the last few months some members retired leaving us shorthanded. We are currently especially in the need of artists. So if you're a talented artist with a passion for history and you would like to help us out, please contact us using a PM or (preferably) in this thread: http://wildfiregames...showtopic=18412 Thanks in advance! :D

Our thanks go to everyone that helped us to achieve this mod through contributing, play testing or in another way!
If you have tips / suggestions, feel free to let us know. Also if you find bugs, let them know too. Support 0 A.D. if you like us: http://play0ad.com/community/donate/

The main menu background is made by Alexlinde from Deviantart. You can find him here: Alexlinde.deviantart.com

The soundtracks are created by Antti Martikainen. You can find more of his work here: Anttimartikainen.bandcamp.com and Youtube.com

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I've got a (stupid?) question. Is it possible to have both "rise of the east" mod and "millenium" mod, or you have to get only one mod? Also, what are the civs available in this mod?

I'm running both mods via command line "-mod=modname"

Though, you may experience issues with the menu background and soundtracks from both mods mixing together..

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Well, I just tested, and I can have both the mods enabled, so I have two more civs now :) I like the norse buildings, especially the roofs. Congrats! I'm rellay impressed by all the progress made since fifteen (?) years now! With Aristeia, Rise of the East and Millenium, we'll going to have a full historical experience from the bronze age to the early middle ages!

Wackyserious, I actually have the screen menu of Rise of the East, with the millenium logo and millenium music :)

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I can't get the mod to work. After downloading the file and placing it under /binaries/data/mods I launched the game. I then opened mod selection and enabled it. After I hit start mod the game re-launched but no mod was there. I am sure the problem is on my end but can anyone assist me?


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To sketch your folder tree, it looks like this right?

- /binaries
	- /config
	- ... (other folders)
	- /mods
		- /mod
		- /public
		- /millenniumad
			* millenniumad.zip
			* mod.json

Could you post a few screenshots to show us your directories? (So I hopefully can see what's going on)

I suspect that you have something like a millenniumad folder inside a millenniumad folder so that the .zip and the .json are in this directory:


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