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[Rise of the East] Jīngzhì 19 now available!


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The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!!


What is it?
Rise of the East focusses on one faction the Chinese, during the Han Dynasty to be precise. With it's fancy theme this is surely one to mark! As a release name we've chosen Jīngzhì. This word means refinement. We've chosen this name because this mod is coming closer and closer to it's final state.
What is new?
The new release features a new building: the 'Government Center'. (modeled by Stanislas69) (See the big building in the top image) This buildings comes available in Phase III and features some technologies unique to the Han Chinese, to give you an edge to your opponents. The tech icons are made by niektb:
Current features:
- One playable faction: Han (No worries, the civilizations from the main game are still playable)
- 2 Custom Random Maps: Loess Plateau and Gobi Desert (made by Spahbod)
Who are we?
The Council of Modders was formed up of two small modding teams and a few newcomers: Aristeia (about the bronze age) and Millennium A.D. (about medieval times) CoM aims to create a umbrella for all wannabee modders and help everyone needed and of course create their own projects, one of them is Rise of the East.

Rise of the East was added to the project list in early-2014 after an agreement with Scion's lead Rob Kimball. That having said: We owe a large one to them for having paved the road for us to continue in their absence!
How to:

1. Unzip the download but leave the inner archive intact.
2. Place the unzipped folder into <installationdirectory>/binaries/data/mods. You'll see another folder there called 'public'.

3. Launch the game and enable the mod in Options>Mod Selection. Press 'Start Mods'.
4. Enjoy the mod!


Help needed!

In the last few months some members retired leaving us shorthanded. We are currently especially in the need of artists. So if you're a talented artist with a passion for history and you would like to help us out, please contact us using a PM or (preferably) in this thread: http://wildfiregames...showtopic=18412 Thanks in advance! :D

Our thanks go to everyone that helped us to achieve this mod through contributing, play testing or in another way!
If you have tips / suggestions, feel free to let us know. Also if you find bugs, let them know too. Support 0 A.D. if you like us: http://play0ad.com/community/donate/


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Are there champion units in this version?

No, but they have a huge (read: broad) selection of Citizen-Soldiers making them powerful in many ways, especially in Phase II (their defences are pretty strong too and they have some unique technologies so I don't think it's an underpowered civ)

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Good work on this version, congrats! Unfortunately, the game keeps crashing for me. It always happens at the last age, once I have constructed a certain amount of buildings. The maps I've played are Kerala, and Pendjab. As for the chinese maps: gobi desert and the other one which I don't remember the name, they are not working for me and generate an error message.

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