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[Design] Unit roles


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And due to the expense of cav, and the economic drain to keep a powerful cav arm ready, they need to be stronger, not for historical accuracy reasons, but for gameplay reasons. That, or their price needs to be lowered, because a fairly expensive throwaway unit is not preferable to a slightly less expensive infantry that can hold its own better. At this stage, there is no point in using cav.

They need to be buffed, yes, but the most important buff for them will be charging damage. They already have the advantage of being faster, compared to infantry, so they can't be the overall strongest either.

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roles must be accompanied by tactics.

Middle tank and tanks ( heavy armor- shield)

They must do push tactics.

Basically meat should, slow dancing with a combo of range behind them in the rear.

Rush style hit and run.

Cavalry ranged and ranged infantry with some trash infantry.


usually a flood of cheap units against the enemy.(all wood/food units)

Antispam melee

Tanks with area damage. To counter spam



Antispam ranged 

Siege engine like catalpult or bolt shooter.

Conversion rush/ monk rush

not in game yet.

Support push/ rush

You must have support units by upgrading stats and making a weak army more efficient.

 healers healing your units.

It would be nice to include units with special damage, maybe poison or units with morale up or down.



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