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Sibyllae Vox: gameplay mod


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I updated yesterday before posting and it seems to went well until advanced town phase. I just updated right now and I don't have errors on startup at least (I haven't tried to run a whole game though)

I ran in the update code to make a compatible version for alpha 20 and added it to the download page. I don't think I'll try new things on this one, if I read correctly alpha 21 is not so far ahead.

If I am to keep Sibyllae Vox playable while keeping new features from vanilla without spending most of the time to keep up to date, I think I'll have to spend some time on #4076 before implementing other things.

By the way, is there any way to edit the topic title, this is not a balance mod anymore but a gameplay mod. [edit]Done, that's supersimple with the new forum[/edit]

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I tried 2 versions. One in this thread and the one from the dedicated website.

Both resulted in no unit/building spawning on the maps. And lots of errors popped up. I dont know how to access the logs.

Also the tech tree didnt open up.


I am willing to learn, to help better. with a little guidance.

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