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New horse model

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A few time ago I discovered that an old placeholder horse with better geometry was added in the game. I afterwards learned it was made by Enrique and was the last survivor, since he lost his pen drive. So I managed to get the old armature of the horse and make a blendfile so we could export it to dae again (For now anims are in PSA/PMD) For now I have been able with a little tweak from the XML to reexport the horse with blender, with four anims (Walk, Run, Death, Idle) I will maybe add the attack anim afterwards.

So you might ask what the point ? Well the armature will prevent from having to redo all the anims for the new horse, which considering the amount of artists active on those forums, is really a timesaver. And offcourse make the game a little more beautiful is always nice.

So here is the Blendfile, if someone feels like adding new anims in Blender he can now do so.


For those who want to try : Horse.diff

What's next ? I will rig the new mesh that I already textured with this armature, and everybody will have a new horse.

If the results are okay, I will do it with the new units mesh until Enrique makes all the anims.

PS : This was helpful in the process :

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So here is the final blendfile. =)


You now have the two horses rigged, and ready to be exported for the game. Here is a patch for those who want to try it. =)

Horse & Horse New.diff

And here is a little screenshot for the forum lurkers. As you can see it's more a different variety of horse than a real improvement, but the new horse has more details. When I have time I'll try to make the same with new units, so you can finaly use them.


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