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i'm the old Philippe 2 ... I delegate a CC to my son Alexander

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I ve got another idea .. (yes) . Should a player be represented by a champion unit ?

If so, can its death leads to a defeat ? (new way to win?)

Can the player reincarnate in another champion if the previous dies ?

During the game, can we delegate a champion the management of a CC with its territory and turn it into AI ally ?

(not more than 1 or 2 and/or a option in multiplayer games)

- In case of death of the AI champion ally, all his units come back under your control.

- If your die (your champion) you reincarnate into your ally AI champion and take control of its units.

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Hey ! it could be cool in Multiplayer as well :D . While i go to war, i delegate a CC under the control of an ally or one of my hero (yes should be many hero)

So, exemple : I'm hero Philippe 2 from Mace, i have my hero son Alexander, my Ally is Thebe and we want to invade Athen and Sparta in a 2vs2 multiplayer game .

I let Alexander Hero rule my inner CC, i go invade Athen with my ally. My ally-theban-Hero stays at Athen (its cc) to keep it (otherwise city turns back to the fugitive Pericl├Ęs) and he delegates to the hero i play - Philippe 2 - half of his army.

I go invade Sparta, I produce another Hero to keep my capital and then i ask Alexander to join me in the battle with his AI army. Once Alexander penetrate my aura territory, i take control of his army :D

Before i go to war , i schedule Alexander to AI and with an attitude (passive-agressive) in a way i want him to rule my city. To ask him to join me before battle for Sparta, i send a messenger (or a bird ? ) with simple instruction like : join me at this place. More precisely, i can see my capital, i can right shift many orders, but they will be processed as soon as my messenger comes into the aura of the responsible of the CC (alexander). Of course, your messenger can be killed.

The result of this is that 0AD will turn in a game where the player is no more God but a mortal Hero (but with successors you can control) who will have to take decisions considering distances and time. Its nice idea no? It will be a downside of being too big and surronded by too many civs , as Rome was.

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Sounds more like a suggestion for team games where you have 1 general which assigns stuff to his captains (team members) (so he could assign an army to his best general and order him to attack and on the fly gives his best mayor the control of a city to provide resources and soldiers...

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You mean sharing duties among players in 1 only civ ? No , no .. its not what i propose. My idea is not a duty-division among players (who wants the boring mayor role ? ^^ ) .

Read again, its different. Its more like a CC-Hero paradigm. Taking the fact that the player is no more a God (total aura) but a mortal Hero (limited aura) pushs you to delegate (make it AI) of a provincial CC to another Hero (or ally hero)


But the simpliest and the most easiest programmable thing should be to put a selection of units under the flag of your ally in order he can take control of these units.

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