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Campaign Scenarios

Prodigal Son

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I've started working on what will function as campaigns for the mod, listed as scenario maps. Those will play differently from the mod and the main game, with basic features being:

  • Few structures with either auto generated income, appropriate units trained or both (cities, villages, forts, mines, harbors). All of them will be preset and capturable (still not sure if they should also be destructible and buildable).
  • Traders and Trade ships will be kept in, so that a part of the economy is still raidable.
  • Many unique regional structures representing important locations with a large variety of bonuses for holding them.
  • A basic tech-tree with less techs and no phase advancement, since the maps will focus on local conflicts in set periods.
  • Diplomacy will play a vital role since expansion isn't always easy.
  • Civs will have more or less appropriate strengths and weaknesses depending on their historical state in each scenario.
  • In the long run this could be the start for a turn-based campaign mode with many extract features.

The first map is centered on Ancient Greece and might eventually host several starting dates/scenarios. Some of the possibilities are:

  • Greece 490 BC: Persian Wars. Focuses on Athens, Sparta, Persia, (Corinth, Thebes, Thessaly, Macedon, Halicarnassus).
  • Greece 431 BC: Peloponnesian War. Focuses on Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, (Persia, Macedon, Thessaly).
  • Greece 359 BC: Rise Of Macedon. Focuses on Macedon, Athens, Thebes, (Sparta, Thrace, Thessaly, Persia).
  • Greece 281 BC: Galatian Invasion and Chremonidian Wars. Focuses on Epirus, Macedon, Athens, Sparta, Ptolemies, Gauls, Aetolian League, Corinth.
  • Greece 222 BC: Cleomenian and Macedonian Wars. Focuses on Macedon, Rome, Sparta, Achaean League, Aetolian League, Pergamum, Rhodes, Crete.
  • Greece 196 BC: Antiochus In Greece. Focuses on Seleucids, Rome, Macedon, Sparta, Achaean League, Aetolian League, Pergamum, Rhodes.


And now for something completely different:


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You could try and use the Greek map already in the game (or the Peloponnesian Wars map in Delenda Est). Saves you a lot of work I think.

In the past I already had some ideas on a Peloponnesian Wars scenarios (but never did anything with them since):



Maybe you can utilize these (if they are match-able with your ideas)

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I'm aware of this map, but since the gameplay will be very different with minor or no basebuilding, I prefer the expanded area over the increased detail. I'll have capturable structures representing off-map trade etc. The second link doesn't work though.

Do you think I should work on Greece or the GOT map first?

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Interesting ideas but I'd like to keep it simpler for now, since it's already needing a lot of work and I haven't messed with triggers at all. Might consider some of them later on. Might also want to keep the player slots up to 8 and look for ways for the AI to handle the map. It's a bit early to be sure on anything.

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