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War Elephants I


Left to Right: Carthaginian, Macedonian, Persian (Indian Mercenary), Ptolemaic, Roman (Numidian Auxiliary/Mercenary).

War Elephants II


Left to Right: Mauryan War Elephant, Mauryan Armored Elephant, Mauryan Elephant Archer (Unique Unit) & Upgrade, Seleucid War Elephant, Seleucid Armored Elephant.

New Archers


Celtic and Iberian

New Skirmishers


Carthaginian, Mauryan and Thureophoros (extra upgrade for Greek/Hellenistic Civs)



Seleucid upgrades for Heavy and Unique Cavalry units.

Elite Hoplites


Athenian and Spartan Unique units without and with Linothorax (Speed Upgrade)

Roman Melee Infantry


Spearmen (Early Hoplite style Triarii to Marian Auxilia) and Swordsmen (Hastatii to Marian Legionaries)

Macedonian Unique Units


Hetairos and Hetairos Aspidophoros upgrade, Hypaspist and Royal Peltast upgrade.



Macedonian, Seleucid, Ptolemaic and Spartan (Reform Unique Unit)

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Those are (mostly) new actors, using available props and skins, for new or existing units. In case someone was confused, this is indeed a mod, not the main game. No new Civs are added so far, but it's possible that some will be added at some point.

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