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Prodigal Son

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I'll be posting any help requests I have here, usually related to things that can't be solved by simple questions, like features needing new code or artwork/modeling.

Impassable Forests: Implementing a way to spawn trees aligned to each other, a forest floor ground type that blocks pathing and is changed upon tree removal or any other way of dealing with this issue would greatly enhance the mod, and imo the main game as well.

Workers with random sex: It is currently possible to use different versions for the same actor, but not matching sounds/voices for each one of them. I wonder if it would be hard to implement for someone with some codding knowledge, as it would come very handy for my mod and possibly other as well.

New Structures: This one seems hard, especially since the core game is still in need of several models, but if someone is good/fast with skinning I've got some requests, especially new stables based on the persian one or possibly on another model I might aquire.

Farm size reduction: I'm using one worker per farm. Is it possible to rescale the actor in the game files? If not I'd like someone to edit the models in some modeling program.

Random Maps: Since the gameplay is somewhat different from the core game, map layouts ought to change a little to make the most out of it. I've included early versions of the first skirmish maps for the mod, but imo random maps are were such games shine, and I'd love to cooperate with a random map designer. I've started learning how to create the first random maps for the mod.

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