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We limit ourself to the timeframe of 500 B.C. to 1 B.C. for part I. And only include civilisations that were at their best during that time (and came into contact with a Mediterranean civ).

As such, for Egyptians, we'll only include the Ptolemaic Egyptians (which are already in game), and we won't include Vikings (which are mainly medieval).

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Una lástima :( ...Una duda que tengo yo es porque sale Tebas en el apartado de civilizaciones sin estar disponible, ¿estais pensando en implementar esa civilizacion en el juego principal ?

Lo de las otras civilizaciones es por coherencia, no vas poner a pelear marines estadounidenses contra el antiguo Egipto ( es un ejemplo extremo) , o turcos otomanos contra minoicos, eso solo los mods lo pueden hacer. Lo de Tebas no creo que se implemente, no está planeada otra civilización griega.
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Some Thebans models are in the game. However, since they did not bring any difference in gameplay, no effort has been made to use them as a specific faction, as there was no point to do so.

However, I think (I might be wrong) that Delenda East, a 0 A.D. mod plans to add them to it's unit of roster.

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