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Frosted Lake - 3v3 Skirmish map


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Hello 0AD community, this is my first post so plz don't hurt my feels.

I wanted to try my hand at making a new skirmish map for personal use, after finishing it I was quite impressed with myself.

It may not be to the quality required to be implemented into the game, but if you like it and want to use it in a 3v3 battle you can simply take it from the download link below! :D

If you download them you'll need to place them in the following folder

Libraries->Documents->My Games->0AD->mods->user->maps->skirmishes

Link to map files


My inspiration for this was a sort of Norse winter wonderland sort of thing, no idea why, it just was.

Basically there's two teams of three, the players go in the following order Team 1 - player 1, 3, 5. Team 2 - player 2, 4, 6 and the reason behind this is so you can play it as a 2v2 and a 1v1 map also.

I have distributed resources as even as i possibly could, by that I mean I counted every time I placed a tree so i could distribute them evenly and I did the same with metal, stone, the wildlife and I tried my hardest to make it symmetrical (it isn't that symmetrical though :() So each player has a 1 apple tree, 1 metal and 1 stone mining area, as well as multiple trees and equal amounts of animals. Then there's more resources spread across the map, some is in between team members so you will have to share (that's teamwork) and then others are on the left and right hands sides of the hilly area surrounding the inner lake (they are key strategic points you want to get your hands on before the other team does. The lake is full of fish, so that could be very useful also, and maybe you can use it to ferry troops across to to the other side to avoid resistance from the opponents ground troops.

Link to images


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You could add more trees and place the walrus with more randomness.

I strongly recommend you to attach the images and the zip folder to the post, and not distibruting them via links. Links expires and it's better for a showcase of your map.

it's just IMHO.

Edit: You should check this: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Environment_Tab, it may be useful for you.

And just to give it a more nicer look over the terrain, you can add some stones or bushes. You can find them under the tab (Actors(all) of the objects. The path how they begin is: geology/... or flora/...

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