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Elite Roman Cavalry Helmet


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Well, i did it for fun. I figured the time period is off anyway (no?)

It's 222 triangles as well, so, quite a bit on the high end there.

And the texturing is just some slapped on projections from that reference you posted.

I figured i'd try doing some better texturing, like a normal map.

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You can contributed with our mods making some statues?

Im improving my mods skills with prop points and there some task that I can take, make statues, human forms and animal forms, but I see you doing Eyecandy things and animals. You are the best with low poly forms and is easy for you.

Aristeia needs some ancient iconic statues like Assyrian gods and Egyptians needs some Pharaon statues for the marvels

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Sure is messy to do high poly modeling. So much struggling with the subdivision surfaces where ridges connect.

When I was doing highpoly helmets to bake textures, I adopted a different approach. Instead of worriying about topology and getting messy meshes, I just decided to make a duplicate of the lowpoly, make it have even quad faces, unwrap it, and use a texture to displace all the ridges and indents after subsurfing. Use a texture with neutral grey and paint white where you want outward bumps, and black where you want inward bumps.

It was much faster/easier for me to just paint some lines across the model and let the displace make the rest than having to worry about all its geometry. You can also combine both, modeling the ridges and the displace modifier.

Fast-forwarding this video you can see what I'm trying to describe here (towards the end of the video you can see the displace modifier applied)

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But if the mesh doesn't align well, with the texture and ridges, you'd have to go for a crazy high polycount before displacement modifier would look alright, no?

My old Intuous 2 tablet (12 years old now) isn't working well, so I'm stuck with a mouse right now (and being left handed, I can't draw worth @#$% with the mouse).

I should buy one of the new small ones (and a new computer with plenty of RAM)

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Oh, yes that might be a problem ^_^

It requires a decent rig because it needs to be subdivided a lot for a smooth surface.

However, there's a "curve stroke" method for painting/sculpting that was added on the last versions of blender, that lets you paint with curves with handlers. Waaay nicer way to paint smooth curved lines with mouse. Sadly, it wasn't available on the time I made the tutorials/helmets.

Here's a demo of how it works (can be used for texture painting too, not only masking/sculpting)

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Lion do you realize there is already an Egyptian statue set?

You have seven to choose lol


Yes I know all set, is very similar but have a difference, the Egyptian crown in the head, if you have the original in blend file can be nice to add.

Edit 1: Now i see the only thing to change is size and add the crown( as prop point) to your model.

Micket we only need make the crown


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