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Maps im working on


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I would like to receive suggestions, even if the suggestions is the name of the map.

Those maps are a WIP.

Why im creating a post with unfinished maps?

- I want more suggestions. i'll be nice if someone does.

- If you like my maps and you want to suggest a map, post it!

- I already know i have placed a lot( but a lot!) of objects, i will remove them, and i have a lot of work to do with terrain colors to replace it.















Hills fort.zip

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I like the desolate feel of the first few pictures. I't's very different than the maps we're used to seeing. It would be nice to fight on an 'apocalyptic' scenery like this. I agree that there are probably too many skeletons (though a few adds a sense of impending doom). I'm not sure why the green hill/mountain at the center is surrounded by walls.

I also like the snowy mountains scenery with a lot of ice and rocks. Nice touch with the snowman, though personally I find it distracts from the serious tone.

Hope this helps.

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I forgot to mention that the map Hills fort, its a 2v1, the one who is on top of the mountain it will be a scripted AI, it's supposed to be a siege map. im planning some fun events that will make the map kinda hard and inmersive(i hope i can reach that goal). that's why that mountain it's surrounded by walls, and it still misses a lot of walls and buidlings inside.

For the snowman... i think you are right.

Thank you

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