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New command: dont kill women

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Why this? couse wasting your damage on women while enemy soldiers kill your own army, kills the game.

10 women in the middle of the battle field, between 2 armies facing each other, will suck on them all the fire. In the while, your men die under enemy fire. In a18, where rangeds vs rangeds battle are very fast, even 3 shots make a huge difference.

Just test in the atlas. 15 archers vs 15 archers + 1 woman, the army with the woman wins and saves 7 archers on average ( archers have "accuracy" to be taken into account, so outcome is not always the same)

And of course the more the women , the better. if women are 5, the winning side loses only 2 archers on average.

This is something that can be easily exploited , but maybe also easily fixed. Can a command be added , so that soldiers will have greater priority over women, for your army to target?


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Yeah I like it too

Edit: We could use a series of CTRL + letter + right click for these "policies"

I see 3 "policies" for now:

- focus on women

- focus on army

- focus on building

If we do more I'm scared we'll take too much from the micro management during battles. (like focus only on range, or melee shouldn't be a "policy" but micro skill of the player)

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I like the feedback guys, and you have very nice ideas.

I liked the stance idea particularly, couse it leaves open options to how to engage the fight: sometime is better to engage with stop button for example, and the stance idea leaves it viable.

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