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Whats the real information center about the factions?


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When you look at the factions lines you can see two sources of informations.

One in the game the other in the Site.

I think the up to date is the site.

And im planing to play Gauls as main faction.But one of those more Attractive Specificities is Ardiosmanae (increase farms income and breeding), this source is quote In game.

But when i check on the factions of site this bonus doesn't Appear.

Did you delete it?

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Actually, the most up to date of the two would be the information available via the civinfo dialog in-game, but neither is particularly accurate. Consider them as an indicator of what will be, rather than what is.

Ardiosmanae is, as far as I can tell, a concept rather than a technology, and may eventually be seen as higher food gather/production rates for the celt and brit civs from game start. Possibly. But it hasn't been implemented yet.

Oh, and it has never been implemented as a technology: that was something that was intended as an aura (in r13766) before auras were implemented (in r13998) and has since been corrected.

Edit: found revisions

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In general, the fuzzy ones (without numbers) aren't real, but just planned. The bonusses with specific number (+10% gather speed f.e.) are real and implemented bonusses in most cases.

It could of course be that a fuzzy description from the civ info has been implemented in-game in the meantime. But then you should probably find evidence of it in-game too

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