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For the first release (500BC to 1BC), it is entirely visual. We can't stick in random innovations that would sound nice. We have to make sure the computers can handle it. Also, w don't want to get people excited about a feature and have them find out it can't make it into the final game.

For the second release (1AD to 500AD), we will have a stable foundation from which we can experiment with new ideas and things.

OT: cool, it's the first time I've answered a question about the game. :saruman:

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-lava terrain (Do I need to describe this one?)

-assorted ruins and stuff (like what you have in "an afternoon in Gaul")

-DEFINITELY cheat units (Photon men, E=MC2 troopers)

-animals (like in AOM: gators, deer, lions, kangaroos, snakes?, etc.)

-craters (different sizes, some with snow, some with sand, etc.)

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-Waterfalls (just like in AOM)

-Lava waterfalls (see 'http://forums.heavengames.com/redir/http%3A//us%2Eshare%2Egeocities%2Ecom/kainkamots/lava%5Fbig%2Ejpg', just grey rocks instead of orange)

-Dwarven Forges (varied, like in AOM) (definately have one type with long pipes going down into the ground)(see 'http://www.geocities.com/kan_apo/DwarvenForge.html')

-Bubbling Lava (Animated bubbling lava surface that can be used to make lava pools and stuff)


-Non-rescueable Gaia versions of every unit and building

-Something that looks like the Osirus cart in AOM. (Except for more plain-looking, and pulled by horses. )

-Slightly damaged, and more-damaged versions of each building (no flames, it just doesn't look realistic when a burning building doesn't burn up)

-Small industrial-looking buildings that you can overlap to make factories, etc.

-A university-type building (asian)

-asian buildings

-placeable snowfalls and rainfall

-aurora borealis

-assorted lanterns and stuff

-a torch-tower thing like the tower on the Norse Dock in AOM

-cool-looking strong walls, like the 'wall of Troy' in AOM

-are bridges that units can walk over, and ships sail under, possible?

-rickety rope bridges (swinging animation)(units can walk over)

-wooden bridges

-stone bridges

-coal mine shaft-things (shack, pulley-thing, rope going down a hole in the ground)



-cart full of coal with horses pulling it(moving and taskable)

-cart full of gold with horses pulling it(moving and taskable)

-cart full of stone with horses pulling it(moving and taskable)

-cart full of food with horses pulling it(moving and taskable)

-cart full of wood with horses pulling it(moving and taskable)

-ship-burning mirror-thing invented by Archimedies


-dig piles like AOM

-assorted cool gate-things and walls


-please let the forest terrain be walkable

-please, no in-editor fighting or motion! (except for animations, still show those) I got SO sick of that in AOM!

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Wijit, sometimes in the AOM editor enemy units, if placed within LOS, will start to attack each other. Other things that happen include entities with finite lifespans in the game die out within the editor if placed - like Mercs and various special effects. Quite annoying, although one can get around this through triggers.

@ Quacker: Remember, there are females on the team, so keep your comments to a minimum. Don't want to run the risk of offending anyone's sensibilities with that obviously anti-female AOM rant you just posted there.

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AOM elements? Sure! but remember that WCIII elements will help too.

Creeps are a good idea. Items are a good idea (I like inventory items better than relics).

Of course, flying units are impossible, except a possible modpack with Ornithopters and such...

But season cycles and not day-night cycles are probably better. Maybe a graphic icon in the middle-top to tell what season it is? (And make seasons have a prominent role in gameplay?)

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