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Expanding 0AD community to Steam


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Putting 0 A.D. on Steam has come up a couple of times, for example here, and here. Unless the team's position has changed, the perspective is that bringing 0 A.D. to Steam would require a more mature version of the game. The current work-in-progress state of the game might be detrimental to the public's opinion, which could hurt the long term prospects. I don't think it's ruled out for a (near) final version of the game.

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What dvangennip said + we'll have to look into whether or not it's at all possible to have an open source game on Steam. If nothing else I think Steam might force games on there to use their DRM, but I could be wrong.

When it comes to what the actual title says though: the 0 A.D. community is already on Steam:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/0AD ;) It's not yet very active, but it does exist =) If you have any ideas for that group, feel free to add them :) And you're definitely encouraged to join the group (if you add 0 A.D. to your list of games on Steam as a non-Stream game it will show up when you're logged in and others should be able to see that you are online and could join you for a multiplayer match).

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