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Forums are back! (Almost)

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As you may have noticed the last couple of days there have been issues with both the forums and the web sites. This started with a hard drive failure on the hard drive where they were hosted, and it seems that has then caused issues during these last days as well. The issues were beyond our control, but might have been possible to resolve over time with the help of the hosting company. Since we had already started to move things over to a new server with another host, we decided to instead start using the new server instead of trying to get things working on the old server first.

If you are reading this, then you are viewing the forums on the new server! :yahoo: Which in general is a good thing as the new server is a lot better (to start with it's just used for Wildfire Games stuff, the old one we shared with other web sites), and we do have more control over it, which should mean that we can do more/and sooner to fix any new errors that might appear.

There is one bad thing though, some very recent forum posts may have vanished. There was no backup more recent than the 23rd of January. So anything between that date and now is unfortunately lost (the silver lining is that since the forums were down for most of this time not many posts were made), but as far as we can tell there is unfortunately nothing we can do about that.

Things should work as usual, but please be aware that there could still be things which needs to be fixed, so have patience with us. Please take a look around the forums and test that everything works (and let us know if it doesn't).

Also, our emails are not yet moved over to the new server, and they are also affected by these issues. This means that we are not likely to receive any emails sent after the 23rd, and it will most likely take a little while yet before we can be safely reached at our Wildfire Games email addresses. For now please use other means to contact us and we will let you know when they are back and running.

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The play0ad.com web site still has got some issues, we will look into them tomorrow, but for now you can download the game for most platforms via: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zero-ad/files/releases/ (if you need instructions for other OSs/ways to install the game, please post here in the forums until we have had time to fix the web site).

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