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Wall and Fortress strength increase


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WOAH...Hold your war chariots on this topic fellas. I just played a 2 hour game where one guy was turtling with tons of fortresses and archers.....this creates two problems because:

1) I could not build any siege units (unless you count war elephants)

2) The catapults of my ally did almost no damage to his forts

My two recommendations to make late game faster:

1) Make ranged siege much more effective against forts OR increase their range, which will force the defender to need to counter attack.

2) LEAVE damage of non-siege units VS forts UNCHANGED... PLZZZ... The reason why there are many castles in the world standing today is because they were historically impossible to attack without siege weapons... this = no fun for RTS :(

Given this last experience, lowering the damage of non-siege units versus buildings would make the game go even more slowly. If you get caught without units to defend a fort, it should fall quickly.

I hope the developers give this some serious thought. Late game play is already horrendously slow due to fortress spamming.

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I think it may depend on what civ is being used. Some are civs are poorly equipped with siege units to tackle structures (although every civ has good units against structures). Ranged siege are almost worthless. I used 10 powerful ranged siege units against a single fortress. Due to the issues with unpacking / auto-repacking and lack of room, I lost all ten before I could take the fortress down. Meanwhile, my citizen soldier infantry and elephants took down several fortresses and major sections of wall in short order.

So I do agree that the ranged siege weapons intended for buildings need either more range, more attack, or both. However, that doesn't fix the issue of units destroying structures too fast.


ranged "siege" units, not just 10 ranged units

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I mean lithobolos and ballista are underpowered, but oxybeles and mainly scorpion are seriously overpowered. Scorpion have a excellent attack and range, better than ballista against buildings, and of course it has against infantry ans cavalry. It makes ballista a no used unit because its function is better asumed by scorpion. I mean scorpion must have less range (90 m) and less attack against buildings, being a infrantry sniper, but with less rate of fire, because it's actually a machine gun: five scorpions can destroy a whole army. Ballista and lithobolos must have 50% more of attack against buildings and about 100m range, but being no usable against infantry, with a poor attack against it.

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