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Looking For Playtesters

Prodigal Son

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While the mod is far from complete, it has reached a state were the combat is rebalanced many techs are added and all currently decided civ bonuses are implemented.

This means it is at a playable state close to the one of the core game and I'm glad to say civs feel more unique now in general. I'd like to see how the changes work out in practice balance-wise though and I wasn't able to get many multiplayer games so far. If you're interested in helping, you can leave a reply here or pm me. You can find out how to install/update to current version here.

Edit: Structures, siege and ships rebalanced as well.

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i got this mod downloaded and running on the latest svn,but when i am trying to play this mod on a demo map

the CXeromyces: Parse components reports a lot of error,every entity cannot be loaded successfully due to lack of attributes

such as RetaininFog

but i've checked the attributes lost reported by pyrogenesis,they are all in the templates files

is it my own fault or is it something in the templates files need to be fixed?

the log is in the attached files


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I kinda fixed the Visibility of entities problem by copying svn template_unit.xml ...etc

into mod/simulation/templates ...anyway it works.

My first impression of this mod is..OMG the marian reform technology really works!

can Prodigal Son explain how does that technology works?

"genericName": "Marian Reforms",
"description": "Gaius Marius turned the roman legions into a professional force.",
"cost": {"food": 750, "wood": 0, "stone": 0, "metal": 1250},
"requirements": {"tech": "phase_city"},
"requirementsTooltip": "Unlocked in City Phase.",
"icon": "helmet_corinthian_crest.png",
"researchTime": 60,
"tooltip": "Infantry Spearmen and Swordsmen upgrade to Marian Legionary Champions. Unlocks the Auxiliary Camp.",
"modifications": [
{"value": "Promotion/RequiredXp", "replace": 0}
"affects": ["Premarian"],
"soundComplete": "interface/alarm/alarm_upgradearmory.xml"

why the barracks and entreched camp changes the premarian production button into marian legionnaires button?

i want to know the mechanism behind this reform technology

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I'm a bit busy with other things lately and haven't worked on the mod nor checked the update compatibility issues. I will as soon as possible.

Your fix might work, but it might also change some unit stats, if they are not overridden by other templates.

If you want to check how the reforms work before I have the time to explain in detail, check the specific templates of the units affected by it and compare them to those from the vanilla game. You'll see the differences in "visible classes" or "classes" and "promotion" fields.

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