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A fifth resource: Wealth.


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So I drew this idea from other RTSs such as Rise of Nations, Age of Empires III and to some extant Stronghold. I feel that the inclusion of 'wealth' or basically money in one form or another can potentially add a new layer of depth and realism to this game, because lets face it: how can some of the biggest empires in history not have any money and rely so heavily on gathering like palaeolithic peoples! Of course, I'm no game developer, and this idea may sound a little stupid, or unpopular because it might drastically change how economy works, slows the pace of gameplay or is against the 'vision' of what 0AD should be. But I still think it's worth looking into...

What is wealth for?

To buy resources with, to train champion units, and for building wonders. During mid or late game a player may research a tech from the market that allows one to automatically purchase resources if one is lacking but needed. So say you want to train a unit but have no more metal. The tech will make it so that once you begin to train that unit, wealth will automatically be deducted in order to purchase metal.

How do you get it:

So all players may start accumulating wealth once a market is built. Wealth may be earned at first by selling resources and trading with other players or neutral trade outposts if a map has them. Initially, you would earn very little doing these, but after building a market a player will be able to build a special building that allows one to farm wealth. These will act just like farm where you assign workers to them and drop off the resource in a new drop off building. For example, the Mauryans may get a new spice farm where worker units will gather spices and drop them off to a processing plant where the spices became your 'wealth'. This value however, will be much lower than that of food you get from farms. Furthermore, to simulate the act of exporting special good through trade, the more you build these special 'wealth farms', you more wealth you will earn through trading. And finally, to simulate the act of looting and pillaging, you can also earn wealth by destroying enemy 'wealth farms' and markets, and when a player is defeated, all of that player's remaining wealth will be distributed among the enemy team.

How can this be beneficial:

- Allows for the playability of maps where certain resources are lacking. like a desert with little wood or an environment that lacks stone

- Adds realism

- Helps late game

- More depth

- More tactical possibilities

Some thing which some may dislike:

- May encourage turtling

- May slow down the pace of a game

- Some may not like the added complexity

- May distract from the focus on warfare

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This has actually been discussed before. The result way always that the developers don't want to add another resource, and they have a reason for it. Everybody seems to think of "metal" as "iron", but it is supposed to represent metal in general, including gold. The in-game icon certainly suggests that it represents iron - maybe a different icon can be found, e.g. a pair of metal/gold ingots?

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Money has multiple functions: Something you can easily carry with you and enables exchange with anybody willing to sell his goods. That's covered in the game, the market doesn't care whether you deal with tons of metal or huge amounts of grain. Every deal needs the exact same time. It is like an economy driven by bitcoins. Also, if your storehouse burns down, you loose nothing, all resources are safe and secure in an invisible vault. and you can donate to other players, faster than wall street.

What's missing is a bank, which takes interests for credits, threatens every client being late with payments and naturally earns the most during a war, e.g. the Iron Bank of Braavos. :ph34r:

I see there is now a mix of 0AD warfare and 2100AD economic transactions. But I would not trade spending time with the beautiful 3D view for a spreadsheet like GUI to have more realism.

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One idea: Nation wealth could be an new fresh parameter in game. Not a resource to gather, but a counter/number representing economy strength (it increases with resources gathered, new techs, units and buildings - something like GrossDomesticProduct in reality. It should also depend on each nations historical wealth - for example Gauls can not acquire wealth in same speed as Romans).

Its only purpose should be meeting a condition for advancing in next phase, replacing building a number of buildings, which is current state and which looks artificial.

As it would not be gathered or spent, just calculated and represented in Civic Centre, i think the idea might be considered.

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Thats not even a bad idea. (As long as it doesn't depend on the faction) However, phases are of course about Town size (Village > Town > City). So I guess a wealth factor solely isn't a really accurate condition for phasing up.

As for faction dependance i thought about difference up to 15 percent, but it is unimportant for idea

This is core:

in my opinion it is more logical for phases to be result of an ALL inclusive pop/eco/military/building/tech increase formula called Wealth, then just a number of buildings.

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I'm leaning towards more simplicity and more sandbox. "pop/eco/military/building/tech formula" sounds like a ton of forum posts about "balancing" this formula. I would just make phases a costly tech. Then it is up to player to decide how he accumulates this wealth of resources. If someone spends an hour to advance to phase town with 5 units, well, then he earned it and it is not even unrealistic. Also, I think, if players start optimizing their game play towards a formula it restricts the game and many features remain unrecognized or unused. Not to mention the frustrating hours a newcomer must spend to grasp a rather complex formula. 1000 food and 1000 wood is hard enough to gather.

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bah, i always lean towards complexity :D

Really do not know how complex it is to develop, but something alike is seen in AOE III. It is called experience and its purpose are Home town shipments, with some differences in acquiring from Wealth idea.


---Not to mention the frustrating hours a newcomer must spend to grasp a rather complex formula.----

this is formula for makers, and player just has to grow his town and Wealth will grow. Simple as that

I am just searching for some different solutions from those in AOE AOM EE. Like advancing system, like farms around City centre and so on.

I think only original ideas differ great game from good game. If any of my ideas is to enter game, i would be proud.

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> If any of my ideas is to enter game, i would be proud.

That's called programming and it is only for people not fearing complexity :)

Alas, i am a lawyer, not a programmer. But i am really fond for this kind of historic RTS for which i feared were abandoned (actually only genre i played ), and this project made me very happy and excited.

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