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[Civ] Romans

Prodigal Son

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History: The Romans controlled one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching at its peak from southern Scotland to the Sahara Desert, and containing between 60 million and 80 million inhabitants, one quarter of the Earth's population at that time. Rome also remained one of the strongest nations on earth for almost 800 years. The Romans were the supreme builders of the ancient world, excelled at siege warfare and had an exquisite infantry and navy.

Gameplay: The Romans field the most effective heavy infantry force with great Swordsmen and formidable Spearmen. Early on they have a shortage in economic bonuses, cavalry and ranged units. As the game goes on though they get access to several discounts, auxiliary units to fill in missing roles, good siege weapons, navy and defenses and most importantly, their infantry gets even more powerful and fast trained. Their unique unit can be used to protect their army from other, potentially dangerous unique units.

Civilization Bonuses:

- Barracks Units upgrade through shared technologies (Roman legions, Camillan to Marian eras).

- Swordsmen -20% train time (large manpower pool used for heavy infantry recruits).

- Start with a Skirmisher, instead of a Light Cavalry scout (shortage of cavalry).

- Skirmishers, Heavy Cavalry +1 pierce armor (Parma shields).

- Structures, Ships, Siege Weapons -10% cost in City Phase, -20% in Imperial Phase (technological adaptation).

- Team Bonus: Barracks -25% build time for each phase researched (large manpower, training of allied/subject forces).

Unique Units:


- Consular Bodyguard (Guard Cavalry. x1.5 damage vs unique units).

Unique Technologies:

- Dictatorship (Consular Bodyguard +10% attack and speed).

- Logistics (Barracks infantry -60% train time).

- Gladius Hispaniensis (Swordsmen -20% attack rate).

Unique Structures:

- Academy (Researches academic technologies with defense, military and siege benefits).

- Army Camp (Trains Auxiliary units. Has no territory restrictions. Replaces the Stables.).



Barracks Units:

- Triarius (Stronger replacement for the generic spearman, ranks I-IV).

- Skirmisher (ranks I-III).

- Pikeman

- Archer

- Slinger

- Swordsman (ranks I-IV).

- Heavy Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

Army Camp Units:

- Triarius (Stronger replacement for the generic spearman, ranks I-IV).

- Skirmisher (ranks I-III).

- Swordsman (ranks I-IV).

- Heavy Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

- Cretan Archer

- Balearic Slinger

- Gallic Horseman

- Numidian Rider

Workshop Units:

- Ram

- Bolt Shooter

- Stone Thrower

- Chariot

- Siege Tower

Fortress Units:

- Consular Bodyguard

Purple: Unique Unit, Blue: Replacement Unit, Black: Available Unit, Red: Forbidden Unit, Teal: Mercenary Unit.

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Good thought, I'll look into it when I have the time and someone to playtest it with.

Not sure it's a that big of an issue though, since massing one unit type and paying all advancement costs early on will result in weak military and economy, vulnerable to players who scout well enough and are willing to attack when spotting a good opportunity. Also most roman bonuses/techs benefit swordsmen, so training none of them until after the reform will increase the mid-game vulnerability of the strategy you've described.

(The above Civ info, like all of them, is currently outdated btw).

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