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[Civ] Ptolemies

Prodigal Son

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History: The Ptolemaic dynasty was a Macedonian Greek royal family which ruled the Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt during the Hellenistic period. Their rule lasted for 275 years, from 305 BC to 30 BC. They were the last dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Gameplay: The Ptolemies are a versatile civilization with an edge on navy, siege weapons, defenses and mercenaries. Their bonuses are well spread throughout the game, kickstarting through structure discounts and improved farming, to a varied techtree and finally a fast trained metal-free unique unit, cheaper mechanical units and religious technologies.

Civilization Bonuses:

- Villagers +30% farming rate (the Nile).

- Temple Technologies -50% cost and research time (pharaonic/Isis cult, use of religion).

- Heavy Cavalry +20% hit points (Royal Agema Companions).

- Houses, Farmsteads, Corrals, Storehouses no resource cost, increased build time (clay structures).

- Team Bonus: Ships, Siege Units -10% cost (center of knowledge).

Unique Units:


- Machimos Phalangites (Fast trained, cheap Pikeman. x2 damage vs cavalry units).

Unique Technologies:

- Machimoi Epilektoi (Machimos Phalangites +10% attack, hit points and vision).

- Mercenary Army (Mercenaries -75% train time).

- Ptolemaic Garrisons (Fortresses +30% arrows per garrisoned soldier).

Unique Structures:

- Academy (Researches academic technologies with defense, military and siege benefits).

- Lighthouse (Has large vision and increases the vision of friendly ships by 50%).



Barracks Units:

- Spearman (ranks I-III).

- Skirmisher (ranks I-III).

- Pikeman (ranks I-III).

- Archer

- Slinger

- Swordsman (ranks I-III).

Stables Units:

- Cavalry Skirmisher

- Light Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

- Heavy Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

- Camel Rider (Ranks I-III).

- Cavalry Archer

- War Elephant (Rank I).

Workshop Units:

- Ram

- Bolt Shooter

- Stone Thrower

- Chariot

- Siege Tower

Fortress Units:

- Machimos Phalangites

- Cretan Archer

- Judean Slinger

- Aetolian Cavalry

Purple: Unique Unit, Blue: Replacement Unit, Black: Available Unit, Red: Forbidden Unit, Teal: Mercenary Unit.

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Updated to current version.

By the way, there should be a technology for the Isis Cult that would allow for improvements in priests, individual units, and such. The Isis Cult was an important way of bringing the cultures together.

Used this name for the temple techs discount bonus.

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