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[Civ] Seleucids

Prodigal Son

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History: The Macedonian-Greek dynasty that ruled most of Alexander's former empire.

Gameplay: The Seleucids have a strong military, with access to most units allowing the use of various strategies, as well as one of the most capable cavalry forces in the game. Unopposed they can grow into a late game powerhouse, having access to several unique discounts and most shared technologies.

Civilization Bonuses:

- Civic Centers, Farms -20% cost and build time (superior city founders, fertile Mesopotamia).

- Traders, Cargo Ships -40% cost (holding the trade routes between east and west).

- Bloodlines free, Cavalry +20% hit points. (heavy Nisean warhorses).

- Team Bonus: Cavalry -20% train time (large cavalry forces and horse herds).

Unique Units:


- Catafract (Armored Cavalry. x1.5 damage vs melee infantry).

Unique Technologies:

- Cavalry Reform (Catafracts and Heavy Cavalry +1 all armor levels).

- Infantry Reform (Swordsmen +1 all armor levels, -20% train time).

- Katoikoi (Soldiers -10% cost and train time).

Unique Structures:

- Academy (Researches academic technologies with defense, military and siege benefits).



Barracks Units:

- Spearman (ranks I-III).

- Skirmisher (ranks I-III).

- Pikeman (ranks I-IV).

- Archer (ranks I-III).

- Slinger

- Swordsman (ranks I-III).

Stables Units:

- Cavalry Skirmisher (Ranks I-III).

- Light Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

- Heavy Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

- Camel Rider (Ranks I-III).

- Cavalry Archer

- War Elephant (Ranks I-II).

Workshop Units:

- Ram

- Bolt Shooter

- Stone Thrower

- Chariot

- Siege Tower

Fortress Units:

- Cataphract

- Skythian Horse Archer

- Judean Slinger

Purple: Unique Unit, Blue: Replacement Unit, Black: Available Unit, Red: Forbidden Unit, Teal: Mercenary Unit.

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