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[Civ] Athenians

Prodigal Son

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History: As the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy, Athens was famed as a center for the arts, learning and philosophy. The Athenians were also powerful warriors, particularly at sea. At its peak, Athens dominated a large part of the Hellenic world for several decades.

Gameplay: The Athenians field a relatively balanced military and a powerful navy. Their economy is one of the strongest, with several bonuses and their defenses formidable. No branch of their land forces is top tier tough, with their cavalry being possibly the most lacking one. Their Unique Unit is a fast moving spearman able to handle any threat without being severely outclassed.

Civilization Bonuses:

- Town, City, Imperial Phase -20% cost. (huge city, cultural advancements).

- Villagers +15% metal mining rate (Laurion silver mines).

- Special Structures -50% cost and build time (culture, philosophy, golden age of pericles).

- Stone Walls -50% build time, buildable in neutral territory (long walls of Athens).

- Team Bonus: Warships -20% build time (Delian league).

Unique Units:


- Reformed Hoplite (Agile spearman, x1.5 vs cavalry units).

Unique Technologies:

- Iphicratean Reforms (Infantry Units +10% speed).

- Imperialism (Civil Centres generate 1 metal every 2 seconds).

- Chorigoi (Triremes -50% metal cost).

Unique Structures:

- Academy (Researches academic technologies with defence, military and siege benefits).

- Theatron (Structures +25% vision and territory influence).



Barracks Units:

- Hoplite (Stronger replacement for the generic Spearman, ranks I-III).

- Skirmisher (ranks I-III).

- Pikeman

- Archer (ranks I-III).

- Slinger (ranks I-III).

- Swordsman

Stables Units:

- Cavalry Skirmisher (Ranks I-III).

- Light Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

- Heavy Cavalry (Ranks I-III).

- Camel Rider

- Cavalry Archer

- War Elephant

Workshop Units:

- Ram

- Bolt Shooter

- Stone Thrower

- Chariot

- Siege Tower

Fortress Units:

- Reformed Hoplite

- Thracian Rhomphaiophoros

- Scythian Horse Archer

Purple: Unique Unit, Blue: Replacement Unit, Black: Available Unit, Red: Forbidden Unit, Teal: Mercenary Unit.

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