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[Civ] Carthaginians

Prodigal Son

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History: Carthage, a city-state in modern-day Tunisia, was a formidable force in the western Mediterranean, eventually taking over much of North Africa and modern-day Spain in the third century B.C. The sailors of Carthage were among the fiercest contenders on the high seas, and masters of naval trade. They deployed towered War Elephants on the battlefield to fearsome effect, and had defensive walls so strong, they were never breached.

Gameplay: The Carthaginians are an expansive and naval power. They are great at scouting and rapidly constructing tough settlements. Their main unit choices are very limited, but they can call upon their large host of mercenaries if they have secured enough metal. Besides their stronger defensive structures, their temples contribute to town defenses by their quick training of powerful Sacred Band units, who are usually not cost efficient enough to find other uses. Their Elephant unique unit and their good siege weapons allow for devastating counterattacks when well supported. Carthaginian fleets can be large and fast moving making them one of the best naval civilizations

Civilization Bonuses:

- Cavalry, Ships +20% vision, +10% speed (exploration, good cavalry).

- Villagers +15% wood gathering rate (fleet building).

- Fortresses, Walls, Barracks +25% hitpoints (strong walls including fortified barracks).

- Civic Structures, Docks, Markets -20% build time (colonization).

- Team Bonus: Cargo Ships +20% speed (sea trade, troop transports).

Unique Units:


- Forest Elephant (Powerful Elephant).


- Sacred Band Infantry (Tough, fast trained spearman. x1.5 vs cavalry units. Trained at the Temple).


- Sacred Band Cavalry (Tough, fast trained cavalry. Trained at the Temple).

Unique Technologies:

- Xanthippian Reforms (Soldiers +10% attack).

- Recruiting Agents (Mercenaries -25% metal cost).

- Mass Production (Siege Weapons -25% build time).

Unique Structures:

- Academy (Researches academic technologies with defence, military and siege benefits).

- Embassy (Hires mercenary units in addition to the Fortress. Replaces the Stables).



Barracks Units:

- Libyan Infantry (Stronger replacement for the generic Spearman, ranks I-III).

- Skirmisher (ranks I-III).

- Pikeman

- Archer

- Slinger

- Swordsman

Embassy Units:

- Swordsman

- Slinger

- Archer

- Cavalry Skirmisher

- Light Cavalry

- Heavy Cavalry

Workshop Units:

- Ram

- Bolt Shooter

- Stone Thrower

- Chariot

- Siege Tower

Fortress Units:

- Forest Elephant

- Swordsman

- Slinger

- Archer

- Cavalry Skirmisher

- Light Cavalry

- Heavy Cavalry

Temple Units:

- Sacred Band infantry

- Sacred Band Cavalry

Purple: Unique Unit, Blue: Replacement Unit, Black: Available Unit, Red: Forbidden Unit, Teal: Mercenary Unit.

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