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Installation Help and Issues

Prodigal Son

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Currently, no standard version is available (the first one will probably come with Alpha 18 19), but you can get the current work in progress one following the instructions bellow.

To install the mod:

  • Get a working installation of the SVN version of the game.
  • Follow this link.
  • Click on "download zip" (at the bottom right).
  • Unzip it into binary/data/mods of your SVN installation.
  • To keep track of changes without having to re-download the mod every time, you can follow this guide. (You need an account, cloning the directory and then sync to automatically get updates)

Keep in mind that the mod is far from done.

Many concepts are partial, balance isn't ready yet and bugs exist. The mod might even be unplayable until fixed if SVN updates break something.

Known Issues:

- Using the in game Structure Tree will result in an error (no crush though). According to Leper this is a strange issue on the engine's end, so nothing I can fix now.

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4 hours ago, Tallestdavid said:

 This still coming? 

How's the progress?

Not much it stagnated in alpha 19 compatibility mode.  If you want to know what are we currently up to look here https://github.com/0ADMods/pre-colonial-mod

3 hours ago, (-_-) said:

Good sign that this is probably dead.

(also its not good etiquette to dig up such old threads)

correct, although @Prodigal Son from time to time comes here.

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