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User Voice (feature request)


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Browsing this huge section "General Discussion & Ideas" (66 pages), I am reminded of a tool used to Phoca (components for Joomla) whose principle is (copy/paste their forum is better than my bad english) :

"Lots of feature requests are coming along in the forums (especially in this forum board, but also in the others). It's kinda hard to keep track of this. To do this a new 'feedback page' has been opened, using Uservoice. On uservoice you can post your idea / feature request and assign votes to it. Other people can also vote your ideas and so can Jan (the developer of phoca) determine which ideas are popular and which aren't."

These feature requests can be placed into categories, there is a voting system (3 votes per user, which will be rendered to the user if the function is turned on), opportunity to comment ...

Technical details about this tool : https://www.uservoice.com/tour/feedback/?utm_campaign=footer_feedback&utm_medium=product&utm_source=phoca.uservoice.com

Concretely for Phoca : http://phoca.uservoice.com/forums/12720-phoca-gallery

I do not really know the tool that can be paid (https://www.uservoice.com/plans/features/), but phoca being free and the developer being alone, he must use the free service (1 agent).

It may not be the idea of the century, but since the time that I wanted to tell you, now it's done ;)

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