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Was about to win but i got an error and tells me to leave the game?


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I saw an update from 0 AD i was so excited downloaded the game and then played it see if anybody is online tried multiplayer joined a game generaled 3 people vs 2 experienced players i become offensive defeated the first enemy my second enemy arrives to destroy my troops outnumbered but my soldiers are strong fought them until only archers left retreat back and forth game lags heavily fps dropped to 10 then i convinced my allies to counter attack on his base rather than sitting there and waiting caught the last enemy player in a pincer movement and then i got an error saying i got disconnected of some sort come on its my first battle online then i joined again then desync again game finished i didnt have a score darn


after this pic i got desync :(

multi is fun except lags this game have a potential :) i suggest putting this on steam as soon as the lag is fixed but darn i lost my first battle lol and its also hard to make a game what do i need to forward???

is my internet connection related to this desync??

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Out of sync errors on rejoin are a known problem in A17. You may still be able to finish the game, but it's not reliable.

When that happens, the best way to help us debug is to provide the oos_dump.txt files from each player (from the game's log directory) and a commands.txt from that game as well. By comparing the oos_dump.txt files, we can see what might have gone wrong. The OOS on rejoin has proven difficult to troubleshoot, however.

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