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Reconstructed Han Dynasty clothing


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Reconstructed by 琥璟明 (Not the guy in photo), one of the better reconstructor (is that even a word?) in China.


Early Western Han, unarmoured Infantry. Note that only the first three pics are in complete costume. Subsequent pictures are to showcase the undercloth.


Early Western Han, light armoured Infantry.

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I would say the guy who made these is certainly one of the more respected (read: accurate) reconstructor in China (IMHO). Obviously there are some blanks that need to be filled with guesswork and approximates, but being a mainland Chinese he does has more access to museum and other first hand information than the rest of us.

(And I really admire his dedication in reconstructing the Xiongnu and other culture deemed 'barbaric' by ancient Chinese. )

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Can't believe I missed this one:


Eastern Han farmer clothing (male), reconstructed by the same person. I think Western Han period wouldn't differ too much (But I cannot be 100% certain).

EDIT: Cross-checked with Western Han period mural:


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Some other tools:



Two reconstructions of the Han Dynasty wheelbarrow.

Reference from Han period murals:



Also shown here is a biǎn dàn (扁担) or carrying pole, on the lower left side of this brick.


Animal-drawn multiple-tube seed drill reconstruction. It was called "" or "耧车" ("lóu" or "lóu chē") in Chinese.

Crappy quality photo of shovel, hoe, and sickle blade. From Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King.

Not very different from the modern version.


Wooden shovel (or spade?) with iron blade. I think the reconstruction above referred this particular shovel. Excavated from Mawangdui archaeological sites.


More notable here are pickaxe blades and axe-head at the left side. From 大葆台西漢墓博物館, Beijing.

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Apparently Hu Jing Ming created more clothing reconstruction recently (recent as in October 2015). This time not limited to the Han.

These are also reconstruction by Cang Ning Jun.

Late Western Han Armored Officer.







Two-handed Sword (Jian, since he's an officer). Hell yeah. Also, beards!

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Emperor Wu of Han (Han Wu Di) period heavily armoured trooper. Probably elite or high-ranking.

He is apparently an archer, see the bracer on his left arm. (However most professional Chinese troops would be at least accustomed to archery).

Also, this (and the armor above) is one example of the so-called Tong Xiu Kai (筒袖鎧), lamellar armour that has complete tube-like sleeve so to not expose the vulnerable armpit (a common weakness found on almost all lamellar armour).






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Note: This is obviously not for ROTE, but I will put it here for completeness's sake.

TANG DYNASTY Armoured cavalry. The armour plates are based on actual excavated examples, but the overall look is reconstructed from visual-only sources (paintings, murals, figurines, lokapala, etc)

This is also the best Tang-period armour reconstruction I ever seen (not that there are many - to my knowledge only two Tang armour reconstruction had been attempted, and the other one sucked).





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