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===[COMMITTED]===Temple of Capitoline Jupiter (wonder)


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Do you have renders from a different perspective?

This one is quite hard to judge as the foreground is way lighter than the background.

I'm not sure of the wall in the back, it looks really thick to me...

A more detailed reference which might come into use:


Other than that I think you're off to a good start (though I'm not part of the Art team)

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Hey Tobi that's a nice start!

My suggestions are:


- This building is going to be a wonder, don't be afraid of polycount, go for some good looking detail.

- It'll be very useful to import a wonder or the big pyramid of the game into blender, so you can have a reference of the scaling in relation with the game world and the max footprint size.

- As the above suggestion, importing a unit mesh will help you to control the scale of stair steps, windows, doors etc.


- At first impression it looks a little bit small, judging by the space between the columns.

- Go for a wider staircase like the reference in your 2nd post, later in the road you can put two free standing columns at the entrance of the staircase like in the reference, it'll look nice.

- If you want to save work&time, you can use some existing geometry for the columns: The macedonian building set have columns with corinthian capitels and basis already done, you'll just need to remap with the roman texture. Here's a helper if you want to do it from scratch by yourself: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/53/Schema_Saeulenordnungen.jpg

- The angle of your render may be deceiving, but it looks like it should have a more squarish plant instead of a rectangle, but as I said it may be the angle.

I'm going to repeat myself, but learning how to import/export 0AD assets to is a must if you want to test them out in-game and being able to reuse geometry and assets.

The introduction of this post describes the steps to import the .dae assets into blender: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17542

Don't hesitate to ask any questions and doubts you may have about the engine and/or import/export process as well as blender help if you need it! ;)

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I've imported some meshes and copied some stuff from them, too ;)

Thats the footprint of the hanging gardens (left), my model (middle) and the big roman temple (right):


As you see, it's almost square. I've changed a lot of stuff, so some more screens:



There are still the doors missing. And the temple has on all pics a bronce statue of Jupiter on the top of it. I'll have to model it, too.

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Good progress.

There's something wrong on the top-view screenshot comparing sizes though. The hanging gardens should be much bigger than the big roman temple you can check it in the atlas editor that in the game the temple is smaller than the gardens.

Which blender version are you using?

If it's 2.69 or newer you should mark the checkbox of "import units" when importing collada files into blender (the checkbox is in the lower left when you choose the file in blender after File-> export) That should fix the scale issue.

Regarding the model... its headed in the right way, I'd try to move the exterior columns more to the exterior to be able to see the capitels better, or make the architrave not sticking out so much (and/or make capitles bigger).

Remember that the 90% of the time the camera will be top-down, the capitels will be barely visible right now.

Keep it up! good work.

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Just some sreens of my progress...



And you're right, I forgot to click on the "import units" checkbox. The temple is now somewhere between the gardens and the big temple. The next step will be the statue on the top of it. That's the more interesting and difficult part :D

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Great work. Does anyone know which kind of animal the statues at the bottom of the structure in wowgetoffyourcellphone's reference are?


For the humanoid-like statue in Tobi95's reference of his 2nd post, couldn't we reuse the existing Roman props or at least isolate the mesh from the other Roman temples + civic center (which to my knowledge already features a column with a winged angel ontop).



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I don't have so much time, because I'll write a not unimportant math exam at Thursday, so my progress isn't as good as I hoped. I created a lowpoly version, unwrapped it and I'm currently working on texturing. I really like the new Blender release canditat's texture layer manager :D
The texture is very work in progress and there are still some baking artifacts that I need to fix.


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The statue's texture is nearly finished, now. There are just some baking errors I have to fix now. What texture resolution should it have?

I like the detail you've put into it. Nice work. I'll request you if you could change the oxide texture though, romans used to paint their sculptures and this one should probably be painted too. You could make several parts golden, so you can save the texture paint in those places (chariot parts, etc)

It can be 1024x1024 like the chinese bixies Enrique made (For the Han Mod) however since it doesn't seem to have a lot of details I'll suggest 512x512

I made it 1024 because I usually work in big resolutions but I suggested you to downscale it to the resolution you want.1024 texture for such small statues is too much imo.

If Tobi wants to go for a lot of detail we can use a bigger one that 512*512 and reuse the statue to put it in the ground and have it as an eyecandy asset that could look pretty. In resume, Tobi I'll suggest you to go for 1024*1024, we can always downscale it ;)

Keep up the good work!

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