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[Millennium A.D.] Development Update September 2014


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Time for a fresh update from our Medieval mod.

The Vikings have been renamed to Norse as that seems a more accurate representation to the faction we have in mind to create.

Welcome to Hvanndalir...

Hvanndalir is the name of a beautifully located town on an Island in the North Sea. Isolated as it is, the Norse inhabitants that colonized the island face a challenge to stay alive and build a thriving town.

Let us take a look at this island that some of you already might have seen. (with the difference that it is winter now).

A blacksmith has been built (by Stanislas69) and you can see that the smith is doing some fine labour (yes, it is animated):


When we turn around we'll see the local Norsemen carry their newly created weaponry (also created by Stanislas69):


Some of the accompanying portraits:


Now let's walk to the harbor, this building has been rebuilt from the ground (by Stanislas69) and the wharf is now able to build larger ships then before:


Soon, the island will grow to small for this growing town and they will need to explore and colonize new areas. Do you know whom they might discover? (Buildings are created by Stanislas69)


That's it for this update. Keep in touch for more news! :medieval:

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